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Diane Knaus 2005

Photojournalist since 1985

Local and internationally published.

Subjects include:




Religious Equality

Environmental Issues

International Border Issues


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When 911 happened...As I sat and watched the 9-11 newscast of the Today show, I could not believe my eyes. First one airplane hit into the world trade tower, then a second one hit the second tower. I knew in my heart when I saw the second one that this must be an attack on the US Why else would two planes hit in the middle of New York at the same time? My thoughts immediately began to race as to what the next target would be and I thought about the White House. At that point my mind just absorbed what was on the screen and I sat transfixed on the event as it unfolded in front of me.

Somewhat befuddled at the event, I knew this was a major catastrophe and that it would take many months to get at the facts of the situation, if ever. Because I am the type of person who wants to actually do something to help when there is a crisis, I developed this web site to provide emergency information to those in need in many circumstances. The tragedy of 911 was the inspiration to this development to provide the information contained here.

All information is gathered from reliable sources such as National Institute of Health, the World Health Organization, the United Nations,the Red Cross etcetera. We strive to update the newest information from individual state emergency web sites. At, we provide emergency information on health, weather,gale warnings,flood, hurricane, fire, tornado, tropical storm, earthquake, and environmental disasters. We provide reliable news resources, list 1-800 hotline telephone numbers, and emergency urls. We also offer the latest news on animal, science, space,equality and women and children issues,religious, political and equality issues from reliable sources.

As a balance to the information my web blog gets at the heart of daily problems that many of us face. Articles include diversity, equality for all, and a respect for one another, politics, the environment mother earth and space.

The Focus is on:

1. Integrity and authenticity of the information

2. Revelency of emergency

3. Politics of why things are happening and which politicians initiate the actions


In the coming year there will be more of a focus on what is happening in the United States. More specifically there will be an inclusion of more news from the Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington and Virginia Corridor.

In order to accomplish this we have incorporated as a non-profit and will accept personal, individual, corporate donations, grants and or advertising for this web site. We will also accept bequests, you may or E-mail for additional information.We will reply within 24 hours. Diane is available for speaking engagements.

In Addition:

Diane is available to speak as a motivational speaker. You may e-mail her for more information,click here to get details on her availability to speak

CEO Diane Knaus-911 Information is registered as a non-profit corporation in Delaware U.S.A. 5-23-2013

Corporate Address:415 B. Hidden Brook Drive Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061

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