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For "The Celebrations" in all of our lives.

Photographer Diane Knaus

Your Wedding is one of the most important days of your life, you deserve to have great wedding photographs. Diane Knaus will help you to enjoy your day and photograph your special day for you and your friends and families. We provide services for small and large weddings.
From the smallest of the couple and witness’s, to large family weddings Diane will photograph your event. If you like you can have your photos appear on a gay announcement site for a fee.
Fees begin at $250.00 for a small in chapel wedding, and go on up depending on the size and scope of your special wedding celebration day.

Diane’s photography work has been included in four one woman shows in the U. S. and group shows in Canada. She has also had her photographs publlished in the U.S. in over a hundrded publications, and some newspapers in Canada as well. Some of her works can be seen at :
If you would like to have Diane provide photography services for your event,

e-mail her at


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The site has been in operation since August 2002, we are at this point serving approximately a thousand visitors a month and many of them are international.We have had as high as 27 countries visit our site in a months time.

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Having fun just Like Everyone Else


If you would like to have your photograph published here-

rates $25.00 a week or $50.00 a month

If you would like to get married legally in Canada


If You and Your Partner Would like to be Married in Canada, will be glad to Help You Coordinate, make Arrangements and Photograph Your Special Event
Your Announcements Can be Seen Here E-mail us at

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