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Johns Hopkins University Awarded $15 Million for New AIDS Research

Veterans Click Here to Apply for Health Benefits

"Veterans Get Retraining"VA and Department of Labor Program to Retrain 99,000 Unemployed Veterans - Now Accepting Applications

Veterans Benefits in Maryland

Check Out the Sally Ride Space Training Academy for young women.

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If you are a Christian and want to be in a place where all are accepted equally, you might want to visit Metropolitan Communty Church.

Every Sunday afternoon Christian church service at 1:30 p.m. at 1680 Dougall Avenue Windsor,Ontario in the Westminster United Church for Metropolitan Community Church. We accept everyone who wants a relationship with God. It does not matter if you are gay, or Asian, or Thai, or Jewish, or black only that you want to be accepted and loved as a child of God.

If you are not an Metropolitan Community Church member, but would like to get our e-mailings, see http:// Thank you and have a great and blessed day. We really are all God’s children when we spread our spiritual love to everyone male and female. Working together we can accomplish much more than we ever dared to dream. If you have questions, check out our web site or call the church office. We perform same sex marriages according to the laws of Ontario, Canada. 519-977-6897

Come and pray for what is important in your life or what is missing. We will help you get over. We are also taking donations for the Sal Venotti fund. see Serving Windsor Spiritually and Continuously for 21 years

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In the News Today 10-9-2014

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Photography by Diane Knaus

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See Wedding Photography by Diane Knaus

University of Windsor Cancels Teachers Walkout

10-1-2014 Thru intensive negotiations the power groups have averted a major strike at the campus, much to the added frustration of the current students at having a strike luming ovr their heads. Parents as well were angry and frustrated with the two groups on the possibility of not knowing what to do in the meantime.

September 2014 For Food Banks

September 2014 Bill 36 Tax Credit for Farmers has launched!

This past Monday, September 29th, marked the official launch of the Tax Credit for Farmers (Bill 36). Farmers will now receive a non-refundable 25 per cent tax credit for all donations of agricultural products to food banks and hunger-relief programs, from the 1st January 2014 onward.

Farmers have been longstanding supporters of food banks for decades, and the OAFB truly appreciates, with heartfelt gratitude, their incredible commitment to feeding Ontario’s hungry.

This tax credit will help to offset some of the costs that farmers incur in harvesting and transporting their fresh food donations to food banks.

“This new tax credit is an integral part of our government’s commitment to support farmers, increase access to nutritious, locally grown food and promote the good things that are grown right across the province,” says Jeff Leal Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

The OAFB truly thanks the Ontario Government for this new tax credit, and its amazing farmers, food processors, and food transporters for their incredible and ongoing support.

From left to right: Joanne Santucci, Executive Director, Hamilton Food Share, Hon. Ted McMeekin, Hon. Jeff Leal, Chris Hatch, Executive Director, the Mississauga Food Bank & Vice Chair of OAFB Board of Directors, MPP Bob Bailey and Cory Van Groningen of VG Meats.

Sobey's Ontario scores a hole in one for the OAFB!

Sobey's Engineering and Real Estate Department held their annual charity golf tournament in September, and chose the OAFB as the beneficiary! At the end of a beautiful and energetic day of golf, the department presented the OAFB with a cheque for an incredible $10,000! Thank you, Sobey's!

The OAFB is Grateful to YOU!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving the OAFB would like to thank those who have made a generous donation recently, and the individuals who have worked so hard to establish the Ontario Farmers Tax Credit. A huge THANK YOU goes to:

Sobey's Ontario (Engineering and Real Estate Department)

Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited

Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency

Cargill Limited

Ms. Pauletta Washington

Food and Beverage Ontario

Agrium Inc.

Questions/ Comments:We'd love to hear from you! Please e-mail

Sarnia-Lambton MPP Bob Bailey Proposes Tax Credit for Ontario Farmers Donating to Food Banks

7-2-2013 Bob Bailey, MPP from the riding of Sarnia-Lambton, has proposed for the third time a bill that would provide a tax credit to Ontario farmers who donate produce to local food banks. Under MPP Bailey’s proposed legislation, farmers would receive a tax credit worth 25% of the wholesale value of the fresh produce donated. Ontario’s farmers would be able to carry forward unused tax credits for up to five years.

Already, so many local Ontario farmers donate regularly to food banks across this province. This proposed tax credit will only provide further incentives for farmers to continue to donate fresh and healthy local produce to those in need. In Ontario, most food bank clients do not receive the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables, as recommended by the Canada Food Guide. This tax credit has the potential to positively affect over 400,000 lives in Ontario, so please support Bob Bailey’s Taxation Amendment Act 2013.

What Time is Dinner

What type of dinner is your neighbors favorite, can you remember? When are you going to invite them over? Do you ever go grocery shopping together? Buy them something that you know they like once in a while? Do they have children, what do they like to eat? You know it is just like anything else, we all need to refocus on what is really important to us and our social contacts.

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to have a potluck, invite many neighbors so you can enjoy all of them and get caught up on their lives. Not everyone has to bring a dish, only those who can, or want to. Neighbors helping each other is a great way to break the ice and alleviate some stresses.. You could always tailor the get together to help in other ways, maybe a clothing exchange as well, or job tips, contacts of people who can help.

According to the Ontario Association of Food Banks “When compared to the world’s richest countries, Canada falls in the bottom quarter for child poverty, ranking 19 of 26 nations.

The organization is a network of over 100 communities across Ontario, and has been in service to the communities since 1992.

The low income rate means that a family who spends more than 63 % of their income on food, shelter, clothing and other necessities would be living below the poverty level.

Jumpstart Community Nourishment Program

Nourishment Program:  The main goal of this organization is to create universal access to nutritious food for all children in Windsor and Essex County. Nutrition is a fundamental determinant of healthy child development and good nutrition enhances a child’s ability to learn. Jumpstart is a coalition of several community organizations consisting of five main partners, The Greater Essex County District School Board, Windsor-Essex District Catholic School Board, Windsor-Essex County Health Unit and the United Way/Centraide of Windsor-Essex County.

Youth & Family Resource Network of Essex County

Community Food Co-op Program:  This would be a continuation of a program in the towns of Kingsville, Leamington and Harrow to provide healthy, essential food to an estimated 200 low-income families and their children up to age 17 at a low cost by utilizing purchase agreements with local suppliers and community partnerships. Seniors and other individuals on a low or fixed income will be able to participate if they meet the “means test”.  Food might be delivered at no cost to increase accessibility.

Birth to Six Parental Support Coalition (Windsor) a.k.a. Ready-Set-Go!

Sewing For Life/Growing Gardeners-Growing Together:  This program will help 4–6 year old children learn the basics of container vegetable gardening, teaching them to grow and care for fruit, herbs and vegetables from seed.  During this course they will also do related crafts and activities about food and nutrition.  Volunteer high school students will be available for troubleshooting and advice.  The target group is families of low-income.

Windsor Goodfellows Club

Shoe & Boot Program:  This initiative will provide up to 1150 requests for shoes and/or boots for children from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 who are from low-income families.

Jumpstart Community Nourishment Program

County Schools Nourishment Program:  This program will run during the school year, September 2005 to June 2006 and September 2006 to December 2006 and in partnership with all School Boards. The principal of universal access to food is fundamental to the program, and Jumpstart would ensure that all children have access to nutritious food regardless of the ability to pay. The target population is families of low income

Unemployed Help Centre/Housing Information Services

Keep The Heat Energy Assistance Program:  This program will provide financial assistance to prevent the turn-off of utilities and provide coats for children in the Windsor and Essex County area for an estimated 250 low-income families.  The public and affected families are educated about energy conservation and provided with tools such as window insulation kits.

East Windsor Community Service Centre (Drouillard Place)

Food Co-op Program:  This is a continuation of a food co-op that services low-income families/residents in Windsor East. It works in partnership with Co-ops servicing the west end and county.  It plans to increase participation by 25 percent through extended community outreach/promotion, and the funds include an impact assessment by the University of Windsor.

Food co-ops are different than food banks. A food co-op provides foods at lower prices usually for an annual fee, plus your weekly amount that you spend. Many times it is cheaper to buy grocieries there than the grocery stores.

If you would like to donate canned food, you may do so at the Unemployed Help Centre or call them 519-944-4900 for additional information.1256 words Published by the Scoop newspaper


Dianes' Windsor Blog

photo of Oulette park

Photo by Diane Knaus

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Same Sex Marriage Passes in Many More U.S. States

10-9-2014 Same Sex Marriage is still being banned in, Ilinois, Washington state where residents want to pass same sex marriage laws. After years of manuvering within the states it's movement has gained swift legal agreement that it is now consttutionally illegal to ban such marriages.

Currently twenty-one states still ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. However that seems to be waning in response to the rest of the states wanting to abide by the contstitution.

Save Windsor : Plant a Tree in Your Yard

With ecological plans sprouting up in most countries to help curb natural pollutants and keep carbon emissions down, Windsor is no exception. Jamison Laboratories has also made plans to plant 25,000 trees in Windsor by June for Environmental Week as we read.

Choose your trees to compliment your gardenscape and bring shade to your home to help cool it during the summer months.Ask at your local garden center which trees to choose.

Your Gardens

Bring the bunnies back to the gardens with natural plantings, except, you might want to fence in your vegetable plants and let the easter bunnie cousin eat clover instead of your precious veggies. Look for the newest upside down growing tomato plant. Always plant yellow marigolds to keep pests out. Remember carrotts love tomatoes, and roses love garlic as far as companion plants are concerned.

photos of pansies

Photo by Diane Knaus

Community Harvest Ontario

Over 25 million pounds of fresh nutritious food is disposed of or ploughed back into the soil on Ontario's farms every year. With your help, we can ensure this food gets to people who need it most.

Please donate this spring and help our new program take root!

This spring, we are planting the seeds of Community Harvest Ontario, an innovative new program that will source surplus fruits and vegetables for local food banks from local farms.

Your donation today will allow us to reduce hunger by engaging over one thousand (1,000) volunteers at local farms through gleaning and harvesting programs and generate an additional 500,000 pounds of fresh healthy food for our neighbours facing hunger.

It doesn’t take much to donate this spring and help our program take root:

• $25 will pay for 175 lbs of fresh Ontario produce for local food banks

• $50 provides 9 children with daily servings of fresh fruits and vegetables for a month

• $250 aquires 500 nutritious meals from local farmers for people facing hunger

Adam Spence, Executive Director


Palms lining street in Puerto Rico

The City of Windsor

Windsor community outreach and support teams can be reached at 519-973-4408. If you are a family member or a concerned citizen you may call to get your neighbor or famiy member some help when needed. More than 40% of people jailed suffer from a mental illness in Ontario.

• 400 City Hall Square East, Windsor (Ontario Works, Housing & Children's Services)

215 Talbot Street East, Leamington (Ontario Works and Children's Services)

The Executive Director of Ontario Works is Susan Ellis

Phone: (519) 255-5200 ext. 5230 Email:

The Executive Director of Housing & Children's Services is Keith Lucas

Phone: (519) 255-5200 ext. 6239 Email:

AIDS Committee of Windsor 1052

Drouillard Rd., Windsor, Ontario, N8Y 2P8

Phone:  519-973-0222 or in the 519 area code 1-800-265-4858

Youth Line: 519-973-7671 Fax: 519-973-7389

Youth Hotline 1-800-268-9688

Teen Health Center of Windsor

Open Monday 9am-6pm

Tuesday 9am-8pm

Wednesday 9am-6pm

Thursday 9am-8pm

Friday 9am-5pm

New phone line initiated

211 Windsor-Essex was officially launched to the public on November 22, 2007 at the Ciociaro Club in Oldcastle. The 211 phone system allows residents to obtain information about a wide range of community topics, including children's services, language classes, family counselling, legal assistance, home support and more ~ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with service in over 150 languages.


Information about social, community, health and government services (including all government levels: municipal, provincial and federal), for all of Windsor and Essex County.

Common questions: "Where can I find a local food bank?" I'm a newcomer to Canada, where can I find employment training?"

Where can I find a marriage counsellor?" · Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


· Municipal information and services provided by the City of Windsor to residents or visitors in Windsor. · Common questions: "What are my property taxes for 2007?" "There is a pothole on my street, can I have it filled?" · Available Monday to Friday 7am-10pm and Saturday 8am-4pm.


In case of police, fire or medical emergency, always call 911, no matter where you are.

Triangle Foundation provides free and confidential assistance to crime and discriminations victims through its victim services office at 313-537-3323 To support the work of Triangle Foundation, Visit today.

The World Health Organization in Geneva Switzerland, reports that more than one billion people-one sixth of the world's population-live in extreme poverty, lacking safe water,proper nutrition, basic health care and social services to survive.

photo of 50's Diner at the transportation museum

Photo by Diane Knaus 50's Diner at the Canadian Transportation Museum

If you would like to have your community, country and hotline telephone numbers listed on this web site, e-mail us.

click here Email us

PFLAG Windsor

PFLAG Windsor is a chapter of PFLAG Canada. We provide support and information to all people with questions or concerns about sexual orientation and gender identity.

Our services are free of charge and there are more than 77 chapters throughout Canada. Please consider making a donation to PFLAG Canada. All donations are tax-deductible and monthly billing can be arranged online at, or through Canada Post.

We receive calls from people struggling with sexual orientation and/or gender identity issues, parents, youth, family members, teachers, counsellors, healthcare workers, employers, co-workers and clergy.

Compassion alone cannot change attitudes. Communities need appropriate resources to encourage greater understanding of sexual and gender diversity.

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